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Ethiopian Honey

We offer a selection of the best Ethiopian Honey.
The container sizes range from 35g to 1kg.

100% PURE. 100% NATURAL.

Featured Products

100% PURE. 100% NATURAL.

Featured Products

From Grounded Black Seeds
Indulge in the unique blend of our all-natural raw honey infused with the powerful antioxidant properties of black seed for a tasty and healthy addition to your diet.
From Bore District
Collected from Bore, home to the indigenous community of Guji people, this whitish honey has a buttery and creamy melting texture with a sweet flavor.
From Gera Highlands
Light yellow to gold in color, smooth to grainy in consistency with subtle flowery taste and aroma, this honey is harvested from Gera named after the former Kingdom of Gera (1835 – 1887).
From Ground Ginger
Try our raw honey infused with ginger, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in every spoonful.

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