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Why I started
a honey company


Helping People.

When I started Nature Nate’s Honey Co., I was asked by a mentor, “What do you want to do with a honey company? ” My quick answer was,“I want to help people.” I desired to create a company, not just sell a product. By creating a company, we would be able
to provide fair-paying jobs and, ultimately through
the sale of honey, be able to make a tangible
impact in the lives of others. Always starting
with making the most pure, best-tasting
honey for our customers.

Lal - Taking Ethiopian Honey to New Heights

Meet the Pharmacist, who became an advocate and a champion for the advancement of the honey sector in Ethiopia. Born and raised in Addis Ababa until the age of 15, Seble Makonnen earned her Pharmacy degree in 2002 from Butler University (Indiana, USA) and practiced as a pharmacist for more than a decade in the US, before returning to Ethiopia with her family in 2011.

Seble was greatly influenced by her visionary father; he was a farmer, and the son of a farmer who believed in the importance of education, hard work, and dedication which he instilled in her at a very young age. Seble’s daily interaction with individuals from very different backgrounds, cultures and languages was influenced by her mother who always valued and embraced these differences and who believes in a strong social fabric and importance of supporting each other in personal and professional journeys.

Seble moved back to Ethiopia on her father's advice to join the family business that distributes agricultural technologies and promotes Conservation Agriculture. Her husband's work allowed him to collect rural products like honey, coffee, oats, and regional artifacts, leading Seble to accumulate a unique collection of honey varieties. This realization of Ethiopia's natural resource abundance and beekeeping tradition led her to found Lal - The Honey Company in early 2016.

Through her exploration of honey, Seble discovered the great natural resource abundance of Ethiopia, particularly in beekeeping and honey production. Her journey engaging with beekeepers across different regions allowed her to learn about the different honey varieties, their use, and cultural value, which inspired her to promote not just the honey, but also the communities producing them. Seble is now committed to promoting and developing Lal - The Honey Company as her life passion, and she highly values the indigenous knowledge of beekeepers who share with her the medicinal applications of certain honey varieties. With her background in pharmacy, she is investigating the prospect of identifying honey varieties with high medicinal values for marketing as medicinal products.

Today, Seble, through Lal, would like to be the driving force behind the recognition of many varieties of Ethiopian honey and to catapult their status to the world stage.

Seble concludes "I am committed to telling our collective Ethiopian honey history, to share with the world the centuries old traditional beekeeping that has sustained the largest bee colony in Africa, one honey variety, one community at a time"


Although my favorite way to use honey is straight out of the bottle, here are a
few of my go-to uses for nature's sweetener.

video img 03

Buttery and creamy
melting texture

video img 05

Collected from Bore, Home
To The Indigenous

video img 07

Buttery and creamy
melting texture



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