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Explore the flavors of Ethiopia through our curated raw honey selection.
Experience the untouched purity of raw unfiltered honey along with handcrafted infusions

lal honey company

raw honey

Experience honey in its purest form – our Ethiopian raw unfiltered honey is untouched by processing, preserving the full spectrum of its natural benefits. Pure, pristine, perfect.

From Bore District
From the heart of Ethiopia's Bore region, our white honey is a testament to the Guji people's land—a creamy, buttery treasure with a sweet flavor.
From Gera Highlands
Light yellow to golden in color, with a smooth to grainy texture and a subtle flowery taste, our white raw honey is a tribute to its origins in the historic Gera region of Ethiopia named after the former Kingdom of Gera (1835 – 1887).
From Bale Mountains
This dark honey, with its rich brown hues and distinctive smoky undertones, is a natural masterpiece from the Bale Mountains, a haven for over 1,321 flowering plant species.
From Gambella, Ethiopia
Discover southwestern Ethiopia through our dark honey, where the dark brown tones and robust flavor reflect the vibrant, wild heart of Gambella, Ethiopia.
Tazma Mar, a rare melipona honey, sourced from Ethiopia's stingless bees. It boasts more potent medicinal properties and unmatched nutritional benefits compared to traditional honey.

lal honey company

infused HONEY

Pure ingredients meet raw honey – a perfect fusion of health benefits and irresistible taste

From Grounded Rosemary
Pure Ethiopian honey infused with fresh rosemary for a unique and delicious flavor. Ideal for cooking, baking, and as a topping. Experience the difference in every spoonful.
From Grounded Raw Cinnamon
Our all-natural cinnamon honey brings a warming cinnamon twist to the raw, sweet goodness of pure honey, perfect for elevating your favorite dishes
From Fresh Dried Mint
Refresh and invigorate your senses with our mint-infused raw honey, a perfect blend of natural sweetness and minty flavor.
From Dried Thyme
Experience the unique combination of natural sweetness and earthy, warm notes of thyme in our thyme-infused raw honey.
From Grounded Ginger
Taste the spicy kick of our ginger honey, infused with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodness of raw honey and ginger.

lal honey company

infused honey

Our infused honey is aesthetically pleasing to the consumer and ensures the honey remains
fluid for a longer period of time.

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raw organic honey

PET Plastic Jars are also available as a packaging option.


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